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------ Quick Stats ------

Name: Himeno Awayuki
Pronounciation: "He-MEH-no" "Ah-wah-yuki"
DOB: July 9th
Age: 16
Blood Type: O
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Ruby
Seiyuu: Yoshida Sayuri

Meet Himeno Awayuki, an energetic, happy-go-lucky girl who loves to eat. She's your average high school girl, living in the largest mansion in town. Despite her happy face, her life is not as perfect as one would think. She is ridiculed and ignored by her stepsisters, half-neglected by her stepmother Natsue, and can't seem to spend enough time with her father, now that Natsue is in the picture. On a quiet afternoon by the pond, she wonders if anyone would notice if she just disappeared...But with her strong spirit, she refuses to start thinking that way. In the anime, it was by the pond that she meets the Liefe Knights, seven male knights ranging from little boys to older men. The tale of the knights saving the world from an evil queen seemed a bit unrealistic for Himeno, but she found herself in a liefe-saving crisis soon enough.

By choosing to become the next Prtear, Himeno has put many responsibilities onto her shoulders. Whatever challenge arises, she must learn to face them with dignity and confidence in herself. As the series progresses, she learns to become a better Pretear, for her motto is never to lose to anything. But before she encounter those situations, she must get pass the idea that in order to become Pretear, the she and the knights would have to become "one." xD

To be frank, Himeno's personality isn't too far off from the typical anime shoujo, such as Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon. Although Himeno's no crybaby, she's late for school, loves to eat a ton and gets starry-eyed at a table of sweets. She has much energy to go around, and although her life is not perfect, she tries her hardest not to reveal it in her everyday life. In some ways, she's like a typical anime girl, but in other ways, she's very much different. Aside from having extremely strange tastes for ice cream, she's had experience in karate, and she definitely isn't one of those "damsel in distress" girls.

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