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Information -- » Life of a Girl

Himeno Awayuki is, without a doubt, the main character of the series Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear. At first glance, she's a normal high school teenager, a genki and energetic girl. She does, however, differ from the other teen girls, with the fact that her father had just remarried the richest widow in town. Therefore, the entire town was renamed Awayuki town, and all the shops and stations were also renamed, straight down to the radio station, FM-Awayuki. so Himeno's life just got a lot better...or one would think so...

Himeno may seem genki and energetic on the outside, but no one goes through life without troubles. She is not accustomed to being extremely proper in her own home, but now she must adjust and adapt to her new lifestyle. She must learn to live with her two new stepsisters, Mawata and Mayune, along with her stepmother, Natsue. The only person Himeno can truely rely on is her father. Himeno and Mayune immediately start off on the wrong foot with one another. Mayune shows neither kindness nor sympathy towards Himeno, but instead sabotages her in everyway possible, and plots devious plans to humilate Himeno. Her second stepsister, Mawata, wants nothing more to do with her than she does with any other family member. Mawata is incredibly withdrawn to herself, even with Himeno's energetic personality, she cannot bring Mawata out of her slump. With her stepmother constantly teaching her the proper ways of being a lady, Himeno has no way of feeling at ease, except when she's with her father. Unfortunately, her father is madly in love with the Natsue, and doesn't pay much attention to Himeno. Thus, Himeno is quite lonely in her new home. Himeno's biological mother died when she was quite young, leaving Himeno with only a pot of flowers that they had grown together when Himeno was a small child. Himeno often talks to the flowers, murmuring to it and reminiscing about her kind and gentle mother. At school, Himeno is regarded as a sort of virus, no one wants anything to do with her. The girls all proclaim that Himeno's father married Natsue for her money. Himeno overhears everything, but keeps a smiling face as she leaves the school at the end of the day. At the end of the day, she begins wondering why, with such a huge family, she doesn't feel warm and welcome in it. In such a big home, it's easy for everyone to forget about Himeno. She doesn't even know her way through the giant backyard, and she wonders if anyone will care or even notice if she just disappeared.

In the anime, Himeno's first encounter with the world of liefe happens about half way through the first episode. After the family took off in the car without her, Himeno skips breakfast to get to school on time. She decided to take a shortcut through the bushes but stopped short as tiny red snowflakes fell from the sky. Since she's already late for school, Himeno didn't put too much thinking into it and took the shortcut. Along the way, she means Hayate, rather roughly, so to speak. At first glance, Himeno blushes at Hayate's gorgeous face, xD thinking that he's probably a fine gentlemen. Hayate, however, responds with the completely opposite attitude, shoving Himeno off of him and calling her heavy. xD After Himeno and Hayate bicker for sometime, Himeno makes a punch towards Hayate and reacts to Hayate's wristband with a bright shock. Realizing that she was now even more late to school, she rushes off, not knowing that the significance of the shock. But before the Liefe Knights came along, Himeno's life was just as plain and normal as any other girls'.

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