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Date: July 21st, 2004

Dear Visitors,

It has been my pleasure to bring you One Dandy Tulip for the past 2 years. It's unfortunate that ODT hasn't been given as much attention as it should have. As it stands, it's an unfinished shrine to a wonderful character. If you are hoping for frequent updates, I regret to inform you that it probably will not happen. I would have liked to analyse Himeno further and really develop the shrine. However, my busy schedule has forced me to put my sites on the backburner. The little free time that I do have are now focused on other site projects.

The good news is, One Dandy Tulip is not going anywhere. It is a still a relatively resourceful site for those who want to know a bit about Himeno. Of course, I will always be willing to take fan contributions such as fanart, but otherwise I shall not be updating much for a while. Thank you for continual support of ODT and LeafuniaNET. I hope there will be enough updates in the future to satisfy.

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