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Information -- » Quotations

Quotes can say a lot about a character. Below, I have collected a series of quotes that Himeno says throughout the show. They range from funny quotes to reproachful ones.

-------------------- xx -------------------

Himeno: *catches her father Kaoru about to drink* HEY! What are you doing this early in the morning? With our small amounts of money, I've been trying to make sure we have good nutrition. So you'd better eat your meal!
Kaoru: *holds up and points to beer bottle* My meal!
Himeno: *twitch* *punches Kaoru* x.x

-------------------- xx -------------------

Himeno: *sits down in chair and falls* Iteeee...! (exclamation of pain) It looks like [the chair's leg] has already been cut...
Natsue: Himeno-san!
Himeno: Yes! I'm fine, Mother!
Natsue: It's Itai. What is this Itee? So unlady-like.
Himeno: Ahh, I'm sorry. Itai...=_=

-------------------- xx -------------------

Himeno: *jumps out of bushes* Ah, move! *slams into Hayate* Owww...Ah, I'm sorry! *starstruck* He's this be...*blushes*
Hayate: You're heavy! *shoves Himeno off* Geez, there has to be a limit for lacking common sense! Jumping out like that so suddenly with all your weight, full force! Ah, so heavy...I thought I was going to die or something!
Himeno: Hang on a minute! When you bump into a frail maiden, don't you say something more like *in deep voice* "Are you injured anywhere?"
Hayate: That's my line! To be killed by a passerby...I don't like that idea!
Himeno: Wha..?
Hayate: On top of that, you're heavy!
Himeno: *deflates to the ground*

-------------------- xx -------------------

Himeno: This family isn't warm. I'm sure no one even realizes I'm back...Why am I even here? Even in my own home there's so much I don't know. *gasps* There's a pond in the garden?!

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