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Information -- » Two Sides of a Story

The anime of the series is sometimes quite different from the manga. Possible reasons could be that since the anime is usually made after the manga, the producers or creator might have altered the plot or character design to their own liking. Below are some differences between the anime Himeno Awayuki and the manga Himeno Awayuki.

The anime Himeno is very strong-willed, open-minded and caring. Although it might not necessarily be a quality to admire (depending on which way you think), she does a fantastic job of hiding her loneliness and frustration by putting on all smiles. At school, she is looked down upon, for the students all believe that her father married Natsue for her fortune. In the anime, Himeno only has a relationship with Hayate, and she is the one to defeat Saihi and return Takako to normal. Himeno's relationship with Sasame is merely friendly. Sasame only seems to be a smooth talker and charmer who can easily make Himeno blush. Sasame does have feelings for Takako though.

The manga Himeno isn't too different from the anime one, except the humiliation of her family's attitude towards her isn't too evident in public, like it was in the anime. She also has Sasame in love (or at least infatuated) with her in the manga as well as Hayate, and Sasame has no relationship with Takako in the manga. Regardless of Sasame's infatuation with Himeno, her relationship wiith Hayate is the most prominent, and the most evidently supported by the creator. Himeno also has more problems with her family in the manga than the anime. This was mainly due to a change of plot, where Saihi takes possession of Natsue and makes Himeno feel worse than ever about her new family. She also has problems with the Liefe Knights, either using up too much of their power or making them disappear after she prets with them. Therefore, Himeno often has doubts about her abilities and whether she should continue to use the knights' power. Also in the manga, Himeno does not defeat Saihi directly, Mawata lends a few encouraging words here and there. ^^ On a small side note, in the manga, the Liefe Knights are implied to have the ability to be reincarnated after their liefe is used up, where as in the anime it's implied that they die if their liefe is used up.

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